Food Styling Tips for Your Events

When entertaining, the centrepiece is often your food. While spending time decorating and cleaning can make your home shine, the real show stopper is your food. Jazz up your next get together with some beautiful food tips.

Match Everything on Your Table

Start out small with food styling. Make sure that all of your dishes match. If you have a theme going on with your tablecloth and settings make sure that your plates match. This should include all of your serving items. If you don’t have matching dishes, many dollar stores have matching serving trays.

Do Not Overload Your Serving Trays

Try not to overload your serving trays. Instead, arrange items into geometric stacks to make them more appealing to people. This allows you to cook less and offer more food while still seeming gracious. In addition, this gives you an easy way to see when food is running low.

Group Items by Colour Contrast

Try and group items by colour contrast. You can either go with a rainbow spread down your table or try and highlight each group. If you are highlighting groups, put two to four dishes together that contrast well with each other. Continue this grouping down your table.

Take Advantage of Garnishing

A little garnish can go a long way. If you are making a vegetable platter, adding a small amount of plant-based garnish to the rim can make it seem more upscale. Choose fragrant herbs or plants with a lot of colour to make the arrangement pop.

Cutely Shaped Vegetables

Cute shapes are almost always a hit. If you take a hard, long vegetable such as carrots or cucumbers and make cuts down the side with a peeler you can get cute shapes into almost any dish. After you cut them thin, you can use them either on your platter or to garnish other dishes.

Use Efficient Dishes

Make sure that the dishes you choose are preserving the food as well. If you need something to stay hot, try to keep it in a thicker bowl instead of a glass one. Planning around these dishes can make your presentation seem much more flawless.

Avoid Mess

Always transfer your food into a dish you didn’t cook it in. This ensures that any drips, spills, or mess from the over or stove won’t be in your final presentation. This also allows you an easier way to arrange your food. If your guests will be arriving late, you can use this as a way to keep food back as well.


If you need to use a sauce with a dish, drizzle it in a fun pattern. Examples of this include snowflakes, hearts, hashtags, and even holiday-themed designs. This way before anyone takes the food, they can see how beautiful it came out. This is particularly effective with food that steam a lot if you decorate around the steam vents.

Whether you are hosting a party or just trying to make a special night, your food presentation can make a difference. Keep in mind, function as you style your food so the food looks good and tastes good as well. Keep your styling simple but innovative, and you will be sure to please your guests.